Param pujya rastriya sant sriramdas ji maharaj believes the path to a brighter and happier future lies in Sanskar-based education. While learning for all is one of the key areas of social work......

Sadhu Sanga

Satsang or association with a devotee means engaging in spiritual activities like listening to Srimad Bhagwad and other Kathas, Chanting the Holy name of the Lord, singing Bhajan-Kirtan...

Gau sewa

Our great saints in his teachings, had often emphasized cow care, or cow protection and they teaching us that the society will flourish if cows and Brahmans are taken care of properly.

- About Trust -

Sri Ramjanki Sadgurudev Sewa Trust is a charitable trust which was established in the holy presence of param pujya rastriya sant sri ramdas ji maharaj under provision of Indian Trust act.  Respected maharaj Ji is living in Vrindavan around from last 35 years and serving for the welfare of devotees and Society.

The Trust works all over India for various welfare activities. Shri ramdas mahraj Ji is a melodious katha orator , and a Humble humanitarian.

- Our Founder & vision -

Our vision and aim is to provide the service for sadhus and devotees for their happiness, accroding to our scriptures in this world we can do any work or we can get success in our work only by the Darshan and blessings of pure Devotee.

So by serving to the pure devotees of  Lord ram, we can get our ultimate goal of life and we can live the life happily.

- News & Events -

- Under Construction Project -