Param pujya rastriya santsri ramdas ji maharaj believes the path to a brighter and happier future lies in Sanskar-based education. While learning for all is one of the key areas of social work that pujyamaharajsri and the sri ram jankisadgurudevsewa trust is involved in Value-based education for the citizens of tomorrow.

Our society today is wrought with violence, anger and negative elements. One of the key reasons of this change in our society has been lack of value and scripture  education over the last 100 years or so in the Indian education system. Today’s schools teach children logical concepts of science and maths; but our education system is missing out on character building and  guiding young minds on how to be good citizens of tomorrow, how to be good caring human beings who can contribute to the society at large.

The efforts of our trust :sri ram jankisadgurudevsewa trust in the field of education are aimed at equipping young children from rural India in skills that will empower them to compete in modern India, while giving them a value system that will guide their moral and spiritual  behavior through their lifetime. We seek to nurture good human ‘beings.