New Ashram & Goshala Under Construction

Sri Ram Janki Sadgurudev Sewa Trust New Ashram & Goshala Under Construction
Goshala Under Construcrtion

गावो ममाग्रतो नित्यं गावः पृष्ठत एव च |

गावो मे सर्वतश्चैव गवां मध्ये वसाम्यहम् |

Let there be cows in front of me, Behind me and all around me. I live with the cows.

That person who is always engrossed in Go-seva with no duplicity becomes happy from others’ happiness and becomes distressed from others’ distress. When this conduct is shown by humans towards their ishtadeva and His creation, then that is called as seva of God or pure spirituality. Therefore we see that, the mental state which is required for spiritual advancement is seen to rise on its own in the nonduplicitous performers of Go-seva. Even if one is not able to perform Go-seva directly by oneself, one can still get the compassion of the Lord by extending one’s hands in a mood of seva while taking part in Go-seva indirectly. Even in such people, the Lord makes the two qualities of being niraparadhi and upakari arise.

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